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Critically acclaimed Memphis Minnie’s BBQ Joint is San Francisco’s longest, continuously running barbecue restaurant..


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Critically acclaimed Memphis Minnie’s BBQ Joint is San Francisco’s longest, continuously running barbecue restaurant celebrating the time honored American tradition of classic, slow smoked Southern-style barbecue and sides, alongside trendsetting specials.

Located at 576 Haight Street, not far from the famed Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, Memphis Minnie’s has lived in its Lower Haight location since 2000.

Memphis Minnie’s BBQ Joint has been featured in many local and national publications including KQED’s Bay Area Check Please, SF Examiner, SF Weekly, Eater SF, Thrillist SF, Serious Eats, and Chowhound, and featured in many books including,The 100 Best Barbecue Restaurants in America, America’s Best BBQ: 100 Recipes from America’s Best Smokehouses, Pits, Shacks, Rib Joints, Roadhouses, and Restaurants, and 100 Things to Do in San Francisco Before You Die.

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Memphis Minnie’s crafts all four of our sauces on-site which includes three distinct Southern regional representations including tomato, mustard, and vinegar based sauces, none of which are cloyingly sweet. Memphis Minnie’s philosophy of barbecue was simple, real, slow smoked Southern-style BBQ gets its flavor from the meat, the seasonings, and the smoke generated during the cooking process and does NOT require any sauce.

Check out the menu, you can order here !

special BBQ


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Our Happy Customer

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Neftali | Client Image William | Client Image David | Client Image Ada | Client Image Tessie | Client Image Mario | Client Image
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    I was visiting San Francisco for the week coming from New York City so I was craving some good ol' BRISKET and I was also REAL hungry at this point!. I was looking for some local BBQ places and stumbled upon this location 10 mins away from my hotel. So I took a small trip to this location to give it a try and I must say, it was real good --probably a tad bit better than what we have here in NYC (Mighty Quinn's). What made it even better were the sauces.

    The hot spicy sauce on the brisket along with the BBQ sauce made the experience much much much better!

    I also ordered a side of 5 BBQ ribs and all I can say is that summed up my lunch that day!

    I cannot wait to come back to San Francisco in the coming months because this is the first place I will be coming back for more!

    Neftali S.

    New York, NY
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    I moved here from Texas recently and was very happy to find a decent barbecue place. This place didn't disappoint. They had dry rub and it was a good amount of food for the price. I had a half pound of rib tips, which was delicious and not dry. I'm on keto so I could only really have mustard greens for a side, but nonetheless, they were really good as well. They obeyed all COVID-19 precautions. Will definitely return there.

    William Y.

    Daly City, CA
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    Y'all, it's been at least a year and yesterday (Labor Day) I was seriously jonesing for a veggie cheesesteak - they were closed okay, everyone deserves a break. I skipped lunch today in anticipation of this sandwich and OMG, it DID NOT disappoint. I get the veggie lover, NO LETTUCE, NO BELL PEPPERS (they still only have green). I Love, Love, Love this sandwich. Extra mushrooms and they don't skimp on the avocado - The flavor is absolutely amazing with all those mushrooms, onion and seasoning. The sandwich is so very filling. I'm so glad they cut the sandwich in half because I struggle even eating half especially with these bomb steak fries they fry fresh with every order. I have so missed y'all. Thank you for making my evening simply amazing.

    David M.

    San Francisco, CA
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    WOW, this barbecue place is so mouth-watering delicious! SF lives just two blocks away from this joint thankfully, so we just walk down when were getting those bbq cravings. It's an order and sit down type of establishment. They have signs that remind customers to only sit down after you've ordered which is nice. There's a limited number of tables but I've never had an issue with seating here. At the tables, there are 4 different type of Memphis Minnie sauces to go with the food. I really like their hot sauce and their tangy sauce. They also have a vinegar type of sauce which I haven't tried yet. Plenty of paper towels in a roll on the table ftw.

    I've been here twice - first time I had their pulled pork sandwich and it was so filling! Loved adding the sauces onto the sandwich to get a different taste. The second time SF ordered their Tuesday special, which was a pork belly special sandwich and I got their chili cheese fries. It was so ungodly amazing. The fries were so hot that the fresh cheddar cheese melted into a gooey mess and there was tender pulled pork and freshly cut red onions as well. The pork belly sandwich is definitely a must-order if you're ever there on a Tuesday! It's a very thick slab complemented with cole slaw and choice of side. We ordered with the sweet potatoes and it was boiled with honey water, very delicious!

    Ada F.

    Pleasanton, CA
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    I am a southern gal so I feel overly qualified to speak on BBQ. However, I was too scared I'd be disappointed so I went with the burger. It was so delicious. It's a chunk/brisket mix. It was so filling. Juicy. It's huge. The bacon was good but it didn't do much for me on this burger. I liked the onion rings though. On and off the burger. I could barely bite into it without constantly packing it down first. The fries were crispy! I hate soggy fries. They did an amazing job with the fries. My friend got the ribs. She really enjoyed them.

    Tessie E.

    Washington, DC
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    Don't even understand how anybody can rate this place less than four stars. The food is absolutely, positively on point and, unlike most other barbecue spots, totally consistent. The brisket is juicy with a fantastic bark, their ribs are smoky and succulent, and their pulled pork is delicious.While this isn't the locally sourced, know the butcher kind a spot, if you are looking for barbecue - as in, smoked meat - look no more.

    However, the thing that is beyond reproach is some thing I almost never hear them mentioned for. You can get fresh, thick cut pastrami and it is probably the best I have had on the West Coast. They only serve it on Wednesdays as either a plain pastrami sandwich or as a Reuben. Do it! It is absolutely fantastic.

    Mario T.

    San Francisco, CA


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Business Hours:

Monday : Closed
Tuesday ~ Saturday : 11:00 am - 9:30 pm
Sunday : 11:00 am - 8:30 pm

Telephone: (415) 864-7675

Address: 576 Haight St. San Francisco, CA, 94117

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